Sunday, September 03, 2006

signs of aging = OCD scare?

i stayed in last night. yeah, go figure. my life has been such a bore lately, and i don't even have any plans of complaining. it's like i don't care anymore, and i'd rather stay home. omg. i really AM getting old.

what's worse? i woke up EARLY on a sunday morning. yeah sure, it's a good and healthy sign. but that coming from the bitch who once snuck (and yes, correct word is "sneaked", go get a life =P) out of her parents house and WALKED all the way to the street corner, like a MILE ahead the guard house, in heels, to hail a stinky cab just to go clubbing??

oh, and it doesn't just end there. so i woke up at 7am, had one of those picture-perfect, still-hot breakfasts. i even had time to just sit and stare at all the pretty flowers in the garden!!! after which, i went back to my room...TO ORGANIZE.

exactly! HWAT?!!!??!

after 4 hours, i have come to realize how much of an impulsive shopper i really am. oh well, what else is new...WE ALL ARE! =P but seriously ladies, i have amassed so much shit in the last year alone, that i have absolutely no idea what to do with them NOW. 4 hours, and i'm NOT EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH all my junk. besides, i ran out of those plastic organizing boxes thingies...and i'm kindda worried if ACE doesn't have any left. coz i wouldn't want to buy different boxes. i want them to be all identical, and pretty. ???? (OC symptoms?)

check out my "work" so far... (circa 2005-2006)

i know, i know...beads overload? hello, i live in CEBU. =P

everything in its place. some, i have no idea where to put, but who cares? i'm tirrreeed!!!!! =( i started off with categorizing accessories by material, then threw them back in the pile and sorted them out by color, then i got tired and just placed each item in any available space.



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