Thursday, September 14, 2006

Posh Spice: fashion liability?

gotta make this quick, coz my internet's still fucked...SO sorry ladies for the absence. please believe me when i say i am SO hating this whole no-internet ish like a bitch. i've been whining for days, and it still sucks. unfortunately, whining doesn't work on me. =( i know some girls that are lucky enough for it to work for them, but i'm such a jinx on everything in my life right now. *BAWL*

boohoo. i'm not the only one having a hard time. apparently, Mrs. David Beckham *envy* isn't so cheery either. check out this article from the DailyUK.

i say, whatever she wants to wear and how she wants to wear it...and how MANY TIMES she wants to strutt her stuff, so be it. so as long as she can afford it (+ a HOT HOT HUBBY), not to mention SKINNY ENOUGH TO PULL IT OFF....why the hell not?????!!!

photo from

ok, so maybe i wouldn't exactly choose to wear this outfit...but you GOTTA love that immaculately white Birkin and those uber-cute slouchy boots!!! with just the Birkin alone, you could barely even notice the fake hair extensions and the fake tan! so what?

she has a lovely Birkin that I (OR WE) DON'T HAVE!!! *BAWL*

screw the psycho analysis on why she's like that. WE'RE ALL SHALLOW AND INSECURE DEEP DEEP DEEEEEEEEPPPPPP DOWN INSIDE. just not everybody's willing to ever admit it.

toodles!! gotta go whine again! =) lol.


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