Thursday, September 14, 2006

stop the WhINE!!!

y'all know how i've been whining nonstop with this whole internet ish. nope, it's still not fixed.



i hate to admit it though, but i've actually been starting to enjoy this whole no-blogging thing since Globelines went berserk.

i got to organize a bit more...(yeah, remember that? lol. i'm STILL on it!!) i took some much-needed time to get back intouch with the real girlfriends, but do bear in mind that I LOVE YOU ALL MY DEAR DEAR READERS. lol. yeah right, as if there's like a gazillion of you out there. most of the folks who read my crap ramblings are people whom i actually KNOW!!! lol.
AND, i got to get my sorry, no-internet-life, bored-to-death-at-2am ass to just chillax in my room with good music, 2 packs of Marlboro Light Golds (yep, i've shifted to lights now), a bottle of super cheap apple-flavored wine....

(seriously, it's SO cheap, but good enough to down the boredom)

...and lots of pretty pretty shoes to stare at while laughing at all the little artificial apples floating in my flammable veins. ;) lol.

i'm going nuts, and i'm too numb to even complain anymore.

i still hate fucking Globe!!!

--XOXO-- ♥ to you all!!!!!!

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