Wednesday, September 06, 2006

les résultats of my sorry organization skills + Paris Hilton gets denied??!!

because of just sheer EXHAUSTION, i ended up dumping the rest of my junk onto wherever, and get back on organizing them oh i the

next year or so. =)

this thing started it (needtoorganize) all...
i can't remember what it was originally,

but i found this lovely cameo brooch under all the junk, & i love it!
told ya you can "shop" from your own stuff!

look!! i even found a cat!! lol. kidding. i just had to post this coz i really have a hard time taking photos of moving things...and believe me, he's REALLY hard to photograph! grrrr...

so after days of trying, i ended up stuffing some of the junk left on the floor into any space left i could find.

all the stuff i categorized under "Priority E"...and i have no more closet, drawer, et al ANY space left to store them. =( i swear, this is the result of just utter frustration.

ok, i DID have some "pretty" results from my little project...i'll post em later. i'm hungry!!! =(

SHOCKING NEWSFLASH! reports that the shallow & materialistic world's most famous heiress was denied entry at a club in New York for a private MTV Video Music Awards afterparty last thursday...and ended up crying even in front of all those paparazzi.

this is actually the first pic i've ever seen Miz Hilton crying...ever.

first off, who is that girl with her and what's up with the bag and shoes?? they're just...not right! you would think Paris Hilton's friends would have half the mind to dress up better for a night out, especially if it's so super exclusive that even she was denied entry!

maybe the reason why she didn't get in because the bouncer couldn't even see her because he already turned gay and screamed "ewwww!!" in his head after seeing "the friend" and her bugly all-over look. lol.

as for Paris...if the second biggest reason why you're even famous at all is being a major partygirl and having enough power over all the clubs (even having a chain of her own)...on a GLOBAL scale, and were denied entry to...ANYWHERE, wouldn't you just BAWL??!!

she may not be the richest heiress in the world, but i'm pretty sure she can still afford to BUY Bungalow 8, period!! lol

i lurvvvve her outfit though, and omg those killer ankle booties!!

check out the rest of the

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Who said dat nigger am po!