Wednesday, September 13, 2006

internet down *SCREAM!!!*

i think the title of this post says it all. and i don't want to say any more, coz i just HAVE to keep this entry short. preferably SUPER short coz it took me TWO hours to get the Blogger startup page to load, and i already wrote this SUPER-long entry on the LV Miroir line, only to find out it didn't publish coz after clicking "Publish", it said "Page cannot be fucking found!"!!!! i could just SCRRREEAAAAMMM!!!! =( boohoo...i should stop whining. i have to keep this short, remember? if i do, somebody please shoot me!!! see what frustration does to someone? I'M TALKING TO MYSELF omgstopitstopit!!!!!

ok, maybe not really all of what i have to say about this screwed-up-third-world-internet-access-that-i'm-paying-for-A-LOT!!!! arrrggghhh!!!! i've been calling their customer services hotline for like a gazillion times since yesterday, and they still haven't sent anyone over to fix it. i may not be some tech-freak genius, but i'm pretty sure it's not MY fault. wait...maybe it is?'s not my fault. i already had a few geeky friends come over to check it out and they all said it's my ISP.

customer-relations said they're having technical so at least that made me feel better that i'm not the only one pissed. ;) almost all of my friends use the same provider, so this could actually make room for some "quality time" with the lovely friends since we're all down and out. besides, our relationships have been revolving around around LJs, YMs, and MSN messengers far too long already. lol.

so please excuse me for not being able to update anytime soon. i love you all, and hopefully if you're actually reading this, you still have an itty-bitty spot there for me as well. ;) lol. besides, i'm taking this as a chance to relax and unwind.....hopefully. =/

hmmmm...nails done, cut & color + extra hair treatments, massage, clubbing, 11PM-coffee, DVD from last season marathon, OMG this blog has made me miss out on SO much, i should be GRATEFUL my internet access is screwed!!! lol. kidding. i love to blab. and i love the attention you guys are giving me. ;) i am afterall....just a girl. LOL!!!

errmmm...i know i said "short", but hey, at least it published!!! =)

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